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Rob Horstman

Rob Horstman

Rob Horstman, Pastor
Pastor Rob, a graduate of Sioux Falls Seminary in 2011, is our congregational care and preaching pastor, and oversees the shepherding of the congregation and consistory.  Prior to joining First Reformed in June 2011, Pastor Rob attended seminary and farmed with his family.
“The greatest blessing is seeing individuals give their lives to Christ and how it changes them.  It is amazing seeing God work in people’s lives and in the community.  I enjoy people and getting to know their story.
I have been married to my wife, Dori, for 22 years and we have three boys; Levi – 20, Quin – 19, and Arin – 16.”
Dori Horstman

Dori Horstman

Dori Horstman, Daughters of the King Director
Dori has been serving as Daughters of the King Director for 7 years.
 Daughters of the King is a ministry to girls between the ages of 3rd – 8th
grade.  Our mission is to create an environment for young girls where they learn and experience that they are valuable and exactly who they are meant to be for one reason only and that is because they are a daughter of the one, true King – God, their Heavenly Father.  We use worship through learning and singing worship songs, bible study, hands-on activities, hands and feet ministry opportunities and plain old fun to learn this valuable lesson.

I love watching these girls run into church each week full of excitement and enthusiasm, ready to embrace whatever they are going to experience that night.  God always amazes me with how He reveals Himself to these girls.  I have a deep respect and appreciation for the 5 women who help lead these girls.  They are willing to be authentic and share their life struggles, joys, and walk with God with the girls.  Our motto has become “The night isn’t complete until we have cried some, laughed a lot and even peed a little!”  It’s a girl thing!

Daughters of the King is a ministry supported by our church, but is meant for any girl in the West Lyon community and beyond.  Our growth in numbers comes from the girls inviting their friends, eager to share what they are experiencing.  There are no fees or dues necessary for the girls to be a part of the ministry.  God laid on our hearts from the beginning that He would provide for the needs of the ministry and He has been more than faithful to His promise.

Anita Van Veldhuizen

Anita Van Veldhuizen, Youth Director
Serving the 9th – 12th grade youth in our congregation and community, Anita plans and coordinates lessons, games, outings, events, service projects, mission trips, and a whole lot of fun while keeping things real and focused on Jesus. Known as IMPACT, our youth meet at 7pm on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Wednesdays of every month in the lower-level youth room. Please click your way over to the Youth Ministry tab and check out the most up-to-date schedule of events.
Anita has a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and a Masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. In the last 18+ years, Anita could be found working in youth ministry or providing counseling services to at-risk and troubled youth in group-care facilities or in their homes with their parents to prevent out-of-home placements.
Anita is married to Denny and they have six children: Viktoria (22); Elliot (20); Jordan (18); Tyson (8); and twins, Jazaya & Delaney (6).
To connect with Anita, email: anita.vanv@yahoo.com.
Eileen Denekas

Eileen Denekas

Eileen Denekas, Education Coordinator
Eileen has served as Education Coordinator for 11 years. As the Education Coordinator at the First Reformed Church in Inwood, I oversee the Sunday School program, which includes Preschool through Adults.  I am responsible for the curriculum as well as miscellaneous projects.  I also maintain a full staff of teachers, helpers and substitutes. Serving in the capacity of Education Coordinator has provided me with countless blessings!  The opportunity to work with children of all ages is truly a gift to me.  As we guide the children through the education possibilities within our church, it is such a blessing to become acquainted with each precious child of God and their own unique and special gifts.  It is truly an unspeakable joy for me to witness the spiritual growth of a child as they come to understand God’s place in their own life! I am married to Ken Denekas and we have three children; Emily and her husband, Shawn, have 3 children;   Brian and his wife, Gwen, have 4 children; and Laura and her husband, Travis.
We have been attending Inwood First Reformed Church for over 40 years.  We are very grateful to God for the many blessings we have received through spiritual learning and growth, through Christian fellowship that has provided us with deep and lasting friendships, and through the many opportunities we have been given to serve the Lord within our church, our community and beyond.
Bonnie Van Ginkel

Bonnie Van Ginkel

Bonnie Van Ginkel, Secretary
Bonnie has served as Secretary of First Reformed Church since March, 2016. As church secretary, some of my duties include printing weekly bulletins, monthly newsletters and calendars, keeping membership records up-to-date, and any miscellaneous work necessary to keep things running smoothly. I enjoy getting to know our church family on a personal level.  I have been blessed to see the tireless behind-the-scenes work of many in our congregation – so often the small, seemingly unnoticed acts make such a difference in the lives of others.
Bonnie is married to James and they have three children; Christina and her husband, Kyle, who have four children; Amy and her husband, Tyler, who have three children; and Jason and his wife, Tara.
Mark & Sandy Van Tol

Mark & Sandy Van Tol

Mark and Sandy Van Tol, Custodians
As custodians, our position is to keep the facility clean for the church service, weddings and funeral services, along with the group meetings that are held here at church. A blessing of our job is getting to know more church members.  Seeing God’s blessings through those people, their gifts that God has blessed them with, and that they share with our members. Our family includes our daughter, Megan, who is married to Doug Abbas and their children Colter and Cadence; and our son, Cody, who is married to Mallary and their daughter, Nelly.